Creativity, Courage & Connection

Hi! If you came here to learn more about my Creativity, Courage & Connection course, there’s already a little something stirring in your soul. A voice inside you knows you need to do something to shake things up. Do you want to bring more joy to your life? Do you want to be more creative? The April 11-May 9 class is sold out! The next class is Sunday, July 11 to Sunday, August 8, 2021!

Well, I think we all deserve joy in our lives! We are ALL Creative Geniuses! I truly believe that by bringing more creativity, courage and connection into our lives, we make ourselves happier. And I want to prove it to you.

This class is for you if you have thought any of the following:

  • I’m not as good as those artists I see on Instagram

  • Watching art videos intimidates me as much as or more than it inspires me

  • My normal hobbies aren’t exciting me as much as they used to

  • I have too many responsibilities in my life to be able to enjoy making art

  • I need more artsy friends in my life

Let’s face it, our Inner Voice can be a real jerk sometimes. I was once lost, wounded, and filled with anxiety. My Imposter Syndrome was intense! Now I actively talk to myself every time this liar shows up. Maybe you’ve heard the phrase, “I can’t do this, but I’m doing it anyway.” I made it my mantra. I repeat it and negate all the lies with things I know are true.

Others showed me the way and I want to show you! I JUST KNOW you are an AMAZING person, and I want to kindle that little flicker inside you into full-on SOUL FIRE MAGIC.


What You Will Get Out of This Class:

*The courage to create just for yourself

*Support from a group of Art Encouragers

*Pride in the skills you already have   

*A plan to bring joy and creativity to your life every day


What the 4-Week Online Class Includes:

  • Weekly e-packet

  • 4 written modules

  • 40+ activities and challenges

  • Inclusion in a private Facebook group

  • Thought-provoking journal prompts

  • 5 live (and then taped) video lessons

  • Easy private access to me

  • Creation of a Passion Journal for future reference

  • Opportunities to share your art and/or art shop links

  • Graduation Celebration and Big Reveal

Before you decide we're a match, here's my street cred. I am or was:

  • Etsy artist with over 450 sales 

  • Stampin’ Up! demonstrator

  • National public speaker with audiences up to 3,000 people

  • Writer with more than 100 published articles

  • Executive director of a non-profit organization

  • Parent support group facilitator

  • Mentor in the incomparable Stasia Savasuk’s intensive courses on showing up in the world

  • Mom to an adult on the Autism Spectrum (This is the one that requires more creativity than anything else I’ve ever done!)

I specialize in noticing and nurturing the best parts of people. I will be careful with your soul! Together we will create a safe space of like-minded creatives where we can begin to finally put our negative thoughts about our creativity to rest so we can begin having a more playful, passionate life.


Ok, Ok, But How Much is it? $150 or less*

If you are like me, you skipped all of the above and came straight here so you could decide if this class was worth the price. If YOU were worth the price.

I used to rule out a class based on price alone. The truth is I could afford it, I just didn’t think I deserved to spend money on myself. My friend set me straight after a life-altering class she took: “I have wasted more than $150 on the wrong clothes because I didn’t know who I was.” BOOM! Heck, I had spent $150 a week on therapy and didn’t have the spunk or spirit or joy I saw in her after she graduated. (You know I signed up for that class, right?)

What would we do without friends like that? Because I believe so strongly in the power of connection with other encouraging souls, I will give you a discount if you bring a friend. I’ll give you BOTH the discount.

The cost for 28 days of lessons, challenges, videos and support in the Creativity, Courage & Connection course is 

$150 or *$100 for each of you if you bring a friend!

I have so much confidence in you. I can’t wait to meet you and get started. We are going to have so much fun together!


“I appreciate Sandy’s passion and energy to help me do the courageous work I need to do in order to heal.” – Heather

“Sandy is extraordinary, brave, and strong.” – Jeanna

“You model the essence of Soul Fire.” Molly

“The ease with which you ‘do your thing’ is amazing and awe-inspiring. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” – Chiquita